Sunday School

Sunday School starts at 9:30 and there is something for everyone. The adults have 3 classes from which to choose and everyone from the Nursery on up can participate.

As an adult you can attend the Pairs and Spares class in the Fellowship Hall. Bink Garris split the teaching responsibilities. They use a proven teaching guide with a student guide to help you in your walk throughout the week. Drink your coffee and enjoy the lessons. Comments and questions are encouraged.

The Seekers class taught by Carol Seifert meets in the large classroom next to the Pastor's Office. They use proven teaching materials and always encourage participation.

The Explorers class is taught by our Pastor. Teaching is expositional, verse by verse, and participation is strongly encouraged. The goal of this class is to get a little deeper in the Word while have great fellowship. They meet in the corner classroom downstairs in the Sunday School wing.

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