Ron Blakeman

Ron started as Pastor on May 11, 2014. Ron was already a member and had been playing the piano with the worship team for a while before submitting a resume' to the search committee. Ron is married to Laura, his wife of 36 years. They have three children and 4 grandchildren and one on the way! Ron loves to visit with the congregation in their homes and at church. He loves preaching the Gospel every week and having devotions with the members on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He loves playing piano, golf and eating bacon. Seriously, he enjoys bacon. Email Me


Glen Brooks & Charles "Bink" Garris

Glen took office in January 2015. Bink took office in January 2016. These men are fine individuals with a heart for God and His church. We are blessed to have these men as Elders. Glen, recently retired from Grainger, was Chairman of the Deacons here at MRCC. Glen is the Chief Elder. Bink is a retired teacher and has served as a Deacon and Elder for many years. These men have a proven record of leadership and most important serving God.

glen bink

Bill Croft
Chairman of the Board

Bill has been the Chairman of the Board here at MRCC for many years. In addition to this he is instrumental in the hospitality ministry of our church. MRCC is known for the some of the best dinners in all of the valley. Bill, along with many others, see that the food and environment is excellent. Bill's leadership is evident at every Board Meeting. When devotions and prayers are concluded you will always see a professionally run meeting with the best interest of MRCC at heart.


Laura Blakeman

Most of you know Laura, she is the Pastors wife. Not only is she a great source of inspiration for him, she is also a great asset to the church office in areas of creativity, efficiency and above all confidentiality.